Font-Effects 2.0

This program is designed to help you create amazing banners and signs
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This program is designed to help you create amazing banners and signs. It will guide you through all the steps necessary to transform a plain text line into a professionally designed artistic piece of text.

All you need to do is just set an input phrase and start customizing it. You need to select the font that will be taken as the base for further modifications. You can then customize different aspects of your text and the text area. For example, you can change the surface of the text, using a predefined color and texture. Next, you can play with several deformation effects that will allow you to change the text direction, reflection, orientation, position, size, and more. Moreover, you can edit the predefined effects, like set the number of spiral wings, or position the curve points. You can even draw your own curve to be followed by the text! Afterwards, you may want to impose some deformation to the contour of the text, apply a 3D border and a shadow. Finally, you can set a frame for your text and modify the background.

There are so many options that it’s impossible to describe them at once. The interface is somewhat old-fashioned, but more than enough for the task. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The program is distributed as shareware with some limitations (the saving function is blocked). All in all, Font-Effects is a great program and it’s worth every cent.

Juan Morán
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